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4 Techniques To Help You Be A Better Learner

When midterms and finals approach, stress is never too far away! It can become overwhelming at times to keep up with the information you’ve learned over the course of a school year.

I Found My Niche at Roger Williams University

I chose RWU because of the beautiful location, the amazing job opportunities, the welcoming community, and the overall positive atmosphere. I am currently majoring in Psychology with a minor in Educational Studies in hopes of becoming a mental health counselor one day!⁠

I Found My Niche at College of Mount Saint Vincent

The family vibes and comfort I feel being on campus is why I chose CMSV. I remember being on campus for accepted students day and I felt welcomed and met some of my closest friends that day. CMSV is a small college, which I love.

I Found My Niche at Semester at Sea

This semester, I decided to take my education on a different route and part take in Semester at Sea! Semester at Sea is a study abroad program for college students who wish to travel the world and learn how to better themselves by engaging cross culturally with the world around them.

I Found My Niche at Virginia State University

Attending Virginia State has allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone by participating in a variety of activities/organizations, including Urban Couture Modeling Entertainment, the African Student Association, Rainbow Souls President, and humbly serving as Mister Sophomore.⁠